Our Service:

With us, we very important service. Not only the sale of diving equipment and dive gear, but at TEC Divesysteme you get customized consultations.

But also rental of diving equipment for testing purposes

  • Halcyon DIR Dive systems for test purposes,
  • Halcyon Explorer 9 tank lamp for testing purposes,
  • Halcyon Evolve Wing or Halcyon Explorer Wing
  • DUI drysuits, DUI TLS 350 Extreme, Extreme DUI Flex,
  • DUI XM 450 Undersuit
  • SUEX underwater scooter Xjoy 7, Suex underwater scooter XK1, of dismantling,
  • Halcyon Unterwasserscooter T16, Halcyon underwater scooter R14,
  • Double dipping bottles bottles DIR style of euro cylinders / tanks Apolda

can be tested with us - appointments necessary!

Another service, TEC Divesysteme is the repair of dry suits

  • Installation of Halcyon pee valve,
  • Exchange of sealing sleeves,
  • Leakage test drysuits