CEO Thomas Swiglowski

Welcome to TEC Divesysteme

TEC Divesysteme is a company that is dedicated to the distribution of high quality, good diving techniques, diving gear, dry suits.

An important and reliable partner is the BtS Europe AG. Customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and good service is very important to us. Therefore, we have decided the products manufacturer Halcyon Halcyon DIR Dive Systems, DUI drysuits, diving cylinders offer of € cylinders, valves and bottle accessories the company Scubatec for our customers.

Diving is our passion. Good and fully functional diving equipment for survival.

  - Diving is fun, it shapes your body and mind, diving adventure -

Many are interested in the sport of diving, make some time to determine very quickly that a diver training by different standards can be performed. One of the safest and most demanding diver training by the GUE (Global Underwarer Explorer). Starting with the basic course GUE Rec, GUE Fundermentals course, there is the possibility that training to GUE ​​Cave, or GUE Tec continue. But GUE DPV Underwater Scooter courses can be completed.

For those of us for whom diving is more than "just another way to spend the weekend"..

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